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Covering cybersecurity, homeland security & technology in the U.S. gov. Fmr BBC News, one-time Unipresser, ex-POLITICO. I'm the daddy now. Likes etc ≠ approval.

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@dguido @daveaitel @IanCutress @linus_ltovalds @trailofbits @viceroyresearch @AMD Dan: I'm absolutely not saying the bugs aren't real, or that they can be ignored. Nor am i saying the hype they is unique. But who issues an advisory with no CVE # like that? I'm saying over-hyped vuln + 24-hours notice to vendor + stock shorting scheme = something not right here
@daveaitel @IanCutress @linus_ltovalds Yes but they require admin access. That makes a big difference to their real world impact, AIUI. The accusation is not about the technical write up or @trailofbits but that they did a flashy PR release that hyped the hell out of the vuln and helped @viceroyresearch short @AMD
Great interview. Without badgering, without being overly aggressive, @IanCutress exposes CTS-labs ... An excellent example of giving them enough rope. @linus_ltovalds is correct "It looks more like stock manipulation than a security advisory to me." 
RT @GossiTheDog: Viceroy are currently under investigation in Europe for this with a different company. They publish negative report…
@lorenzoFB @IanCutress Nice piece. Given the extraordinary @AMD stock shorting uptick just before the release (reported by Reuters) does anyone know how much money these clowns might have lost? And ian's interview with CTS-labs is priceless. Talk about giving them enough rope... 
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