Editorial Producer for @sfchronicle Food and Wine team, @thepressca and @greenstate | Co-founder @CarryOnMagazine | food and travel writer | gastronome #Binders

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Urmila Ramakrishnan is a multimedia journalist who embraces the hyphen. As a journalist-gastronome-writer-producer-vlogger-polygot-photographer-entrepreneur-cook, she utilizes all platforms that allow for better storytelling.

Most recently, she co-founded a gastronomic tourism magazine called Car...

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What's your favorite social network?

Instagram. I'm able to capture a moment visually and create a story with the combination of photo and text.

What story are you most proud of writing or working on?

It would have to be about farmworkers in South Florida. They are often the faceless integral pieces of our food system.

What's the most common misperception about your beat?

I think the biggest misperception is that it's a constantly glamorous beat, filled with free meals and champaign.


Society of Professional Journalists Award

2017 - Public Service Reporting, Magazines
2017 Sunshine State Award recipient for excellence in public service reporting in magazines.