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Ben Landis

Sacramento, California
Freelance Writer — Freelance

Writer/Creator. Specializing in science, environment, and society. @CCSTorg comms advisor. @CapSciComm founder. @BetterKnowaFish tweeter. @AAASMassMedia alum.

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I am a professional writer specializing in science, environment, and society. Analytically, I identify perspectives and contexts across issues, disciplines, and audiences. Aesthetically, I embrace thoughtful messaging, inspired wordplay, and elegant design.

My Muck Rack feed includes clips from m...

How is social media changing news?

The speed and reach of raw reports and footage makes having a rigorous editorial lens and judgment ever more crucial.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

One who groks the ethics and philosophy of journalistic action, and is mindful of them no matter their medium, employment, or deadline.

Did you work for your high school newspaper? If so, what did you do there?

I wrote op-eds and filed athlete profiles... and I ran an underground newsletter on the side. I was blogging before blogs existed!