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How to Watch the Presidential Debate on TV or Online — The interminable presidential campaign is almost over! Just seven weeks left! Monday night's presidential debate marks the start of the home stretch in the race between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. They square off at 8 pm Eastern at Hofstra University. Can't be there? No problem.

Snapchat’s Wild New Specs Won’t Share Google Glass’s Fate — There are two important new things to know about Snapchat. First, it's just Snap now. That's easy enough. The second may be a little bit harder to process: The ephemeral chat mavens will sell video-grabbing sunglasses, called Spectacles, starting this fall.

Flybrix turns your Lego bricks into DIY minidrone masterpieces — The Flybrix team didn't set out to build an adorable DIY mini-drone out of Lego bricks. But as any road-tripper can tell you, sometimes the journey turns out to be more fun than the destination. Amir Hirsch has a masters from MIT. Robb Walters has a PhD from Cal Tech.

Elsewhere is a VR headset that comes with an app that makes all your iPhone videos look like 3-D — The Elsewhere headset looks like something an old-timey doctor might wear. A precursor to bifocals, maybe, or an early surgical microscope. The $50 pair of adjustable lenses clamp to your iPhone. Your lens purchase also unlocks the Elsewhere iOS app. Load up the app, clamp your phone to the goggle thingies, and press the lenses to your face.

HP Just Made It Impossible to Use Those El-Cheapo Ink Cartridges You Like — It's not easy to be in the printer and ink business these days. Revenue is down. Obsolescence looms. Knock-off cartridges are a cheap and easy alternative. HP's apparent solution? DRM. Great. Just to be clear, this isn't a solution for you. It's a solution for them.

Nikon's new KeyMission 360-degree camera has its eyes set on the future — It's hard to announce an action cam's availability the same week industry heavyweight GoPro shows of its latest. But while the GoPro Hero5 Black might own the hype right now, the Nikon KeyMission 360 looks a whole lot like the future.

Dark Sky’s Pretty Weather App Is Now a Pretty Weather Site — If you use Dark Sky as their weather app of choice-or just happen to enjoy gloriously rendered maps of weather movement-you should be both gladdened and a little surprised to learn that it's now available in a new incarnation. Meet Dark Sky, the web site. It should look pretty familiar.

The iPhone 7 may be the best LCD smartphone display, but everyone else has moved on to what's next — The latest iPhone has one of the best displays of any smartphone you can buy. That's always been true. What's interesting in 2016 is that Apple manages to be among best despite using LCD, a technology every other flagship has left behind. The Galaxy S7 and Note 7. The Nexus 6P.

Pokémon Go Has Lost Millions of Players, But It's Still Making Millions of Dollars — Remember Pokémon Go? We were such nerds back then! Just kidding, we're still nerds. And even though you've left Pokemon Go behind along with your pogs and troll dolls and stone-washed jeans, reports of the app's decline are missing the point-along with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Leica's new Sofort instant camera is cute and whimsical and you totally want one — One generally approaches Leica as something to appreciate more than afford. And yet! The fancy photo company's latest, an adorable instant camera, is well within reach. The Leica Sofort may not be as feature-packed as, well, any serious camera, but it's not here to be serious.
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Sep 23, 2016

@paleofuture Actually Matt our board is very open to acquisition talks.

Sep 23, 2016

Eventually the only companies will be Verizon, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Guy's American Kitchen and Bar.

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