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The KickassTorrents Case Could Be Huge — It was a legal iTunes purchase that helped the feds nab Artem Vaulin, the alleged proprietor of KickassTorrents (KAT), the world's biggest purveyor of illegal torrent files. The irony is almost too much to bear pointing out. But according to one lawyer familiar with the ins and outs of copyright infringement, the case could have sweeping repercussions on how torrents are regulated.

Official Star Wars Drones. I Repeat. Official Star Wars Drones — I could tell you all kinds of specs about these Star Wars drones from Propel, but first I have to encourage you to take a good long look at them. Take your time! Because yes, that is a speeder bike, and an X-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon, and a Tie fighter.

How the RNC Would Handle a Worst-Case Scenario Like a Bio or Chemical Attack — The Republican National Convention this week takes place under a certain sense of unease, and not just of the norovirus variety. Recent attacks in Nice and Dallas are just the most recent in a string of violent events that make the world feel off-kilter, and large gatherings of people like a potential target.

Facebook Chases Post-App Prize with 1 Billion Messenger Users — Facebook has always had high hopes for Messenger. The company is anticipating, and in some ways helping to push, the idea that messaging will take the place of apps as their primary computing interface. And in that world, Facebook is looking to Messenger to be its anchor.

How Trump’s RNC Entrance Ranks in the Smoke Machine Pantheon — There was no shortage of spectacle at the Republican National Convention's opening night, from Melania Trump's apparently plagiarized speech to Rudy Giuliani's compelling demonstration of his outside voice. Let us not allow these to distract us, though, from the real star of the show: Donald Trump's smoke machine. What a thing!

A New Service Alerts You When Someone Uses Your Social Security Number — You already know that identity theft could happen to you. You're never more than a few headlines away from another wide-scale hack. But what are you supposed to do with that knowledge? According to a new service called Civic, the answer is simple: track your Social Security number.

Softbank Is Betting $32 Billion on ARM That the Internet of Things Will Pay Out — SoftBank, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, just bid $32 billion to acquire ARM Holdings, designer of the chips found in everything from your iPhone to the Nest smart thermostat. On the surface, such an eye-popping number nearly sounds reasonable.

Security News This Week: ATM Thieves Steal Millions With Malware — After a long stretch of gloom, there was at least one positive development in the security world this week: Mr. Robot is back! We spoke with one of the show's writers to help preview the upcoming season for you, and also took a look at how the show manages to get so much right about hacking-especially when so many others get it wrong.

T-Mobile’s Free Pokémon Go Data Isn’t Worth the Trouble — Ah yes, Pokémon Go, the game that's inspired more unintentional exercise than a thousand broken elevators. And now, with T-Mobile's offer of free Pokémon Go data, it's a battleground for not just Nidoqueens but net neutrality. Also? It's not that great a deal.

Nest Cam Outdoor Fixes the Security Camera’s Biggest Fault — There's plenty of intrigue over the recent, past, and near future of Nest. All that fuss has overshadowed some genuinely great products, though. One of them, the Nest Cam, has just leveled up with a new, outdoor-friendly form. In a lot of ways, Nest Cam Outdoor is basically identical to the original Nest Cam (which itself is basically a rebranded Dropcam).
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Jul 22, 2016

Love to hang out on Friday night watching bleak movies with the fam.

Jul 22, 2016

When this is all over I most want to read the definitive account of how Chris Christie's soul was scooped out like pumpkin seeds.

Jul 21, 2016

It is insane that Republicans are patting themselves on the back tonight for not booing at basic civil rights for the LGBT community.

Jul 20, 2016

RT @RyanLizza: Here's a better shot of what Newt's monitor said regarding Cruz's endorsement of Trump-Pence.

Jul 20, 2016

Don Trump Jr. (TUES): New aristocrats are bad and only care about themselves! Peter Thiel (THURS): So, it's this thing called seasteading

Jul 20, 2016

@harmancipants Almost definitely don't have the answers but he was VERY nice in the two hours or so our lives intersected

Jul 20, 2016

@WilliamTurton What's money when you could be sobbing quietly at your desk.

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