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#OfficersForKaepernick - The Undefeated — Edwin Raymond and Felicia Whitely don't even mind the pig socks. Though each graduated from the police academy and have nearly two decades of experience in the New York Police Department (NYPD) combined, they aren't mad at San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for sporting footwear that mocked cops.

The shifting definition of healthy - Tematica Research — The shifting landscape of what is and what isn't "healthy" is difficult one to navigate for consumers these days. In the afterburner of the low-fat craze, consumers are on the hunt for "all-natural", non-GMO, even gluten-free ingredients. Now, the FDA is stepping in to define for consumers exactly what healthy is now.

NFL Football: the last great audience - Tematica Research — 200+ cable channels, DVR's, streaming content, chord-cutting . . . the list goes on and on as the reasons for declining audience levels. The one hold-out is the NFL gridiron, which seems to have been able to resist the trendline and drive large, live audiences.

CNBC Analysts are talking thematic investing, they just don't realize it - Tematica Research — Watching these UK-based analysts on CNBC struggle with how to describe and categorize the UK-based online grocer Ocado is amusing to us - they are trying to push a Disruptive Business model thematic company into a sector-based view. And then in a last-ditch effort, one of the analysts calls it a "story-stock."

Self driving cars — a job killer of unprecedented levels - Tematica Research — The focus of the self-driving, driverless, or autonomous car and its impact typically surrounds the consumers' acceptance of the concept and when, how and yes, if the adoption curve will ever trend upwards, let alone take on the proverbial hockey stick curve upwards. As we've mentioned here in Thematic Signals many times recently, we've ruled out ...

This land is MY land, this land is MY land — wait, that's not how the song goes. - Tematica Research — At some level, land is probably one of the most scarce of the Scare Resources we have. We have all the land we're going to have - unless we have a massive volcano erupt or we start building on water as in Water World movie.

Ditching the minivan for a Lamborghini! - Tematica Research — In this article about the new Lamborghini SUV, there really anything newsworthy from a thematic viewpoint. Frankly, we just wanted to fill up the page with some awesome Lamborghini pictures! We could stretch this into a proof point for our new Emerging Ultra Wealth thematic, but really all this says is that this VW division ...

Toms Shoes: proof point for "Experiential Shopping" - Tematica Research — Growing up on Long Island in the 80's in a small town out on the North Fork called Mattituck there was a furniture store along a fairly busy street (busy for Mattituck standards). One day the owner decided to sell some used bikes out front. They sold quickly.

Domino's: no longer just feeding the tech industry  - Tematica Research — Artificial intelligence. Drones. Autonomous vehicles. Voice technology. How many Domino's (DPZ) pizzas have been consumed during late-night coding and strategy sessions across the tech-hubs throughout the world? Well, maybe the pizza delivery man has been taking notes while delivering, because don't look now, but Domino's is no longer just feeding the tech world, they are part ...

We can fight it, but the tipping point for self-driving cars is near - Tematica Research — Connected the Dots on the Self-Driving Car Those smarty-pants Millenials grew up on the Internet with the answer to any question literally at their fingertips. Now Generation Z - the cohort following the Millennials - are growing up on Uber and at the click of a button someone will show up at their door and take ...
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Oct 26, 2016

My Warriors-to-win-it-all pick not looking good at the moment, but it's early. I'm sticking with them!

Oct 25, 2016

Glad to see Jonathan Simmons getting some time. Like his game a lot. Young, athletic - Just what the Spurs need

Oct 25, 2016

Tribe bats too strong!!!! The Land is being rewarded for all the decades of suffering!

Oct 25, 2016

RT @SFY: "Westbrook will have trouble winning the MVP because I don't think [the Thunder] will win 50 games" —…

Oct 25, 2016

@KyrieIrving is straight ridiculous! Best handle in league. Best finisher among PGs in the league.

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