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Heather Whaling

Columbus, Ohio

CEO @GebenComm • Mom • @WomensFundCO + @GladdenHouse boards • Paid leave advocate • Vegetarian • Fan of equality, meditation, vino + reading • prTini.com

Heather Whaling (@[prTini] (http://twitter.com/prtini)) is founder/CEO of [Geben Communication] (http://gebencommunication.com), a PR firm that helps emerging brands and forward-thinking, established companies excel in a social world. Named one of the top entrepreneurs in Columbus, OH, Heather also serves on the Board of Directors for The Women's Fund of Central Ohio. Connect with Heather through her [PR blog] (http://prtini.com), [communication trends e-newsletter ...

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Fighting Sexism in PR: A Need for PRSA Leadership | prTini

prtini.com — As a field, Public relations is approximately 70% female. You'd think such a female-dominated industry would be beyond the sexism so rampant in other industries; however, we witnessed first-hand this morning that that's just not reality. Theresa Payton, former White House CIO, speaking at #PRSAicon (maybe don't wear a shirt that keeps us distracted wondering ...

How Calendar Blocking Changed the Way I Work | prTini

prtini.com — While we all feel like we're busy, time management becomes even harder to master as you progress through your career. More people want your time ... and the decisions you're making are bigger and more time-intense. There's no shortage of time management resources; however, there's no silver-bullet solution.

Simone Biles Endorsement Deals

refinery29.com — When 19-year-old Simone Biles isn't busy making history, eating pepperoni pizza, or kissing Zac Efron, she's making bank. Like a lot successful Olympians, big companies are throwing endorsement deals at her left and right. But how much, exactly, has she made from these deals?

Celebrity Salary Quiz - How Much Money Do Celebs Make

refinery29.com — Every year, releases the Celebrity 100, which ranks the biggest moneymakers in Hollywood. The list includes entertainers of all kinds, including musicians, athletes, actors, authors, and other personalities (Dr. Phil). To create the rankings, Forbes looks at celebrities' incomes from June 2015 to June 2016, before taxes.

Career Contessa - Self-Love At Work

refinery29.com — By Elana Lyn Gross I struggle with sharing my accomplishments at work. Maybe you can relate? I never want to come across as boastful, arrogant, or in need of praise. My default setting is to be humble, modest - to just hope that my colleagues will notice what I've accomplished.

Small-Business Leaders: It's Time for More Progressive Paid Leave Policies

entrepreneur.com — We're searching for top company cultures to be featured on our annual list. Think your company has what it takes? Apply Now " Netflix snagged headlines nationwide in August 2015 with the rollout of a groundbreaking new policy: unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave for its employees.

No, Thank YOU. | prTini

prtini.com — Thank you (no pun intended!) to Geben's VP of Client Strategy Megan Severs for contributing this post. A few years ago, at a previous agency, I was nearing the end of a busy day at work and just about to shut down my computer, when I received an email from a colleague.

Learn the Secrets of How These Big Brands Made Real-Time Marketing Work for Them

entrepreneur.com — In the race to stay relevant, brands have tried (and tried ... and tried) to create real-time marketing magic. But very few succeed. At best, their efforts come across as feeling forced or "gimmicky." At worst, they're downright disastrous.

When a PR Problem isn't a PR Problem

prtini.com — I finally snagged a friend's HBO Go log-in credentials so I could watch the rest of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. In the series finale, former network head Leona Lewis (Jane Fonda) has one of my new favorite one-liners: You have a PR problem because you have an actual problem.

“Peak-and-valley” PR: 5 ways to generate media coverage with no news

muckrack.com — Do you ever look at your PR results reports and see spikes in media coverage at certain times and major dips at others? For example, you might be securing 10 placements a day surrounding a product launch or funding announcement. But, after the excitement wears off, then comes minimal media ...

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