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How buying Instapaper could help Pinterest become a media portal like Facebook

marketingland.com — Pinterest is buying read-it-later service Instapaper to ramp up its run at Facebook as a rival next-generation, increasingly insular media portal. On Tuesday Pinterest announced it is acquiring Instapaper, which people can use to save articles from around the web to check out later.

Instagram is now copying Snapchat’s Live Stories with events video channels

marketingland.com — For the second time this month, Instagram is rolling out its own version of one of Snapchat's most popular features. This time that feature is Snapchat's Live Stories, which are channels appearing in its Discover tab that collect videos and photos people publicly post from live events.

Pinterest debuts click-to-play, mobile-only video ads

marketingland.com — After rolling out a diet version of video ads last year, Pinterest is ready with the real thing, or at least something closer to it. On Wednesday Pinterest unveiled its latest spin on digital video ads.

Facebook restricts Messenger bots to 24-hour window, adds subscriptions

marketingland.com — Facebook is trying to make Messenger bots more active but in a reactive way. On Monday Facebook announced that it's restricting how long Messenger bots have to respond to someone before they're muzzled but is relaxing its rule forbidding promotional messages. Some Messenger bots will be able to sidestep the time limit with the introduction of subscription-based messaging.

Twitter turns stickers into ads for brands, starting with Pepsi

marketingland.com — Social advertising used to be about brands inserting themselves in people's content feeds. It still is. But it's also become about brands inserting themselves into the actual content in those feeds. Cases in point: Snapchat's Sponsored Lenses, Facebook Live's mid-roll ads and now Twitter's Promoted Stickers.

Pinterest adds impression-based buys to its ad auction

marketingland.com — If Pinterest wants more brand advertisers to buy its ads - and it appears that it does - then it needs to make it easier for them to buy its ads the way they like to. So it is. Pinterest is going to start letting marketers in the U.S. and U.K.

How long has it been since Facebook changed its news feed algorithm?

marketingland.com — Facebook tweaks its news feed algorithm pretty often. How often? In a six-week span between late June 2016 and mid-August 2016, Facebook announced three different algorithm changes. So we decided to start keeping track of how long it's been since the last one.

Facebook’s changing the news feed again to make it more “informative”

marketingland.com — It's a Thursday, so Facebook is probably changing its news feed algorithm. Correct! This time Facebook is adding a new signal to its algorithm to show people more "informative" stories. What does that mean? It sounds like it means cooking videos over cat videos, newsy articles over fluffy listicles.

Instagram’s direct-response ads haven't totally clicked with advertisers

marketingland.com — Instagram's direct-response advertising business was born a year ago with a silver spoon in its mouth. Its parent company, Facebook, had spent years developing ad formats, honing targeting capabilities and building measurement systems and attracting marketers that didn't want people to only see their ads but to act on them, to click on them and install an app, visit a product site, buy something.

Facebook has started blocking desktop ad blockers

marketingland.com — Facebook cares about consumer choice until that choice conflicts with its business. On the one hand, Facebook doesn't want people feeling super creeped out when they use its site or apps, so now it's giving them a new way to control what data brands can use to target them with ads.
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Aug 24, 2016

Only good thing about blonde not being on spotify is it's gotten me to pick channel orange back up

Aug 24, 2016

RT @larakiara: Google still serves full-page interstitial ads in apps, despite punishing them on mobile web  http://read.bi/2bfZZ7X  https://t.co/mAi3CxLyv9

Aug 23, 2016

Oh Instapaper also walling off tech that Pinterest could use as backbone for its own Instant Articles. Weird  https://twitter.com/marketingland/status/768161656400650240 

Aug 17, 2016

@MarkMesenko they were renting Facebook's audience but no one forced them to pay or even to be on facebook in the first place

Aug 17, 2016

@MarkMesenko similar reason why ppl don't sue NFL teams that started charging season ticket holders for seat licenses

Aug 17, 2016

IG again relying on its algo to create competitive separation for a Snapchat clone  https://twitter.com/marketingland/status/765971290276634624 

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