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Am I wrong? I think Trump won the night — Mine is that Trump has done well among white high school graduates because he acts the way people think they would act if they were billionaires. If he didn't pay federal taxes, Trump told Hillary Clinton after she suggested he has not released his tax returns because he has something to hide, it's not a problem.

Marijuana: California should legalize it — There's a reason marijuana laws don't work: There is no compelling reason for them to work. Marijuana is not a dangerous drug. Used in moderation, cannabis has few ill effects; used in excess, the intoxicant has fewer and less severe side effects than alcohol. It's not in a class with opioids that can kill users.

The Trump Foundation is rigged — Donald Trump famously said in January that his supporters were so loyal, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters." [...] I wonder how his die-hard faithful will feel as they learn more about how Trump used the ostensibly charitable Donald J.

In first presidential debate, three’s a crowd — Gary Johnson and Bill Weld - the former GOP governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts who now head the Libertarian Party presidential ticket - should embrace their failure to qualify for the first debate. Commission on Presidential Debates rules set the bar too high for third-party candidates to own a podium at Hofstra University on Sept.

California should legalize pot — Used in moderation, cannabis has few ill effects; used in excess, the intoxicant has fewer and less severe side effects than alcohol. The California Medical Association supports state Proposition 64, which would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for recreational adult use.

Snowden asks for pardon from Putin’s Russia — How did a guy who's against authoritarian governments that spy on their citizens end up in Vladmir Putin's Russia? Snowden blames the State Department for revoking his passport after he left Hong Kong, but why is he in Moscow?

Buy a grocery bag, go to Hell — My Sunday column on Proposition 67, which would continue Sacramento's silly war on single-use plastic bags, apparently angered a number of virtuous, wonderful, caring people. Here are some snippets from three high-minded recyclers. Ms. Saunders you should be ashamed of yourself.

His and her baskets of unhealthy “deplorables” — Is a presidential candidate with Hillary Clinton's health problems - pneumonia now, but also for some time deep vein thrombosis and a history of blood clots - healthy enough to be president? Most probably, yes, but her weekend health issues make you wonder if Clintonia is covering up bigger health problems than her team has revealed to date.

Saunders: Big headlines can make for very bad laws — When horrific and ugly crimes make headlines, politicians like to seize the opportunity - to make their own headlines.So when Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced former Stanford student Brock Turner, now 21, to six months in jail - he served only three months - for sexually assaulting a woman who was too inebriated to consent to sex in 2015, California lawmakers did not hesitate.

Prop. 67 continues Sacramento’s war on free plastic bags — "There's no such thing as a free bag," Sacramento political guru Steve Maviglio told The Chronicle's editorial board at a meeting to urge a yes vote on Proposition 67. The initiative would uphold a state bill to prohibit retailers from giving customers free single-use plastic bags.
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Sep 27, 2016

RT @redsteeze: Isn't "People are too fat" like Michelle Obama's entire gig for 8 years now?

Sep 27, 2016

RT @GJ2016press: .@People Magazine: Melissa Joan Hart Joins Libertarian Gary Johnson's Presidential Campaign as Conn. Chairperson

Sep 27, 2016

RT @Fahrenthold: .@realdonaldtrump is doing his charity a favor, advisor says, by 'storing' its portrait...on the wall of his resort.

Sep 27, 2016

RT @dmartosko: BREAKING: Beauty queen 'fat-shamed' by Trump was accused of being murder accomplice in 1998  via @MailOnline

Sep 27, 2016

RT @wpjenna: When Trump said during the debate that not paying taxes "makes me smart," a group of undecided voters in NC gasped:

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