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I play music and read books and watch sports and write things about playing music and reading books and watching sports

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I did not ever for a moment think this was possible. I'm even scared to retweet this for fear it's all a cruel hoax  https://twitter.com/AP/status/940784509238333441 
Apparently this is what Trump has for dinner EVERY NIGHT. And he drinks a dozen Diet Cokes a day. How the fuck is he even alive? https://t.co/OIrcX32R5r
Personal soup ranking: 1. Cioppino 2. Bouillabaisse 3. Pho 4. Tonkotsu ramen 5. Menudo
RT @JimMFelton: Did I miss something? Did gay people kill millions of straight bakers whilst I wasn’t paying attention?  https://twitter.com/trib_ed_board/status/938797037537189893 
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